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Minis and Carts and Paso Finos, Oh My!

Today, I took Neuf down to the Virginia Horse Festival.  We were to be a demo rider for Sonya Crampton, who has North Slope Stables in Bluemont, VA.  I have ridden with Sonya before and saw she had an opening for demo … Continue reading

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Three Days…Four jumping lessons

Last week had a few LONG days at work, so that meant I could leave a bit early on Friday, to get a lesson on Neuf, in the uncharacteristically spring-like weather. Friday’s lesson consisted of working on me being able … Continue reading

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Facing the Fear Factor: Developing positive memories

I have not been following the book’s protocol completely, even though it says that is the way to the best results, largely because while I’m afraid in a few situations, I’m not a fearful rider about almost everything. But I’m … Continue reading

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Facing the Fear Factor

I’m still struggling with confidence on Neuf. I’m going to be more strategic in my dealing with my emotions, fears, anxieties and successes and I’m starting with some books. I’ve purchased a book Riding Fear Free and it is interactive, … Continue reading

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Ruts can develop FAST!

If you’ve ever been stuck in the mud, you know that the ruts that start when the tires no longer have forward traction can get deep, and astoundingly fast. Sunday, on Neuf, he was pretty forward, but also starting to … Continue reading

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Fall Morning lessons

The air is crisp, the wind leaning towards gusty, but the sun rises over the barn as I ride Bali, always my first lesson. I am working on establishing a good marching walk from the get go, focusing on bend … Continue reading

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June progress report

I’ve been taking my lessons before work, which means I often don’t have time to jot down my lesson notes. Today was lesson day. I always ride Bali first, then Neuf. Bali We worked on keeping her really though and … Continue reading

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