Long Legacy TB Makeover – Part 2

Everyone says you meet a lot of great new people at the Makeover and my first new Makeover friend was Jenny, who I was hauling.  I had not ever met Jenny and asked her what her Freestyle was going to be, and she said it was going to be a surprise, but her last name was going to be a part of it…and as a clue, she sent me this picture to ponder.


A yellow & black manicure

Monday morning I was all loaded up and left my place at 7am, got to her farm at 7:30, we got her horse and stuff loaded and were on the road at 8:10am.  Our trip was good, a couple of truck oddities (service 4WD warning light came on and the audio locked) so I planned to take Clifford to a Lexington, KY dealership during the week.

We arrived around 4:30pm and started to unpack.  It was crowded and due to a horse injury (a true veterinary emergency), a big rig was in the row for quite a while, so we ended up carting all the shavings and bins of stuff to our stalls in the wheelbarrow…glad I brought that!

Trailer parking is far, far away at the horse park, so I was very glad I opted for the extra stall, it made the week much more comfortable.

Once we got the horses settled in, I parked the trailer and came back to take Legacy out for a hack, at dusk.  Legacy is a cool dude, so he was good with this, a solo hack in the horse park.


Taking in the view from the jumper warmup ring.

I hacked over to the Rolex ring, and down the ramp to look in, then headed back, I got him tucked in, signed him up for a night check and breakfast service, headed to my very close AirBNB.  The week was off to a good start.

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  1. Marjorie G Wolson says:

    AND??? 🙂

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