Riding? What’s that?

I have ridden less this winter than in the past 8 years. The weather was just not cooperating. But, I’ve been attempting to at least keep the ponies civilized and non feral.

I’ve settled into a nice routine of either lunging or riding Neuf, not both. I had slipped into trying to do a bit too much for the youngster when I would lunge then ride, so I decided to break it down to either or, not both. At some point, it was bound to happen with a 4 year old, I chose riding on a day when lunging might have been the better choice. Today, at 19F degrees outside (after the high 60s on Saturday), this might have been it. Things started out ok, but then a distraction went past in the form of the neighbor’s dog chasing a deer, then geese, then more deer. Had I had a ground person, I probably would have stuck it out and ridden forward, but since he had not done anything wrong, but look, I opted to just switch to lunging for the rest of our work. He worked well and was stretching nicely into the bit after a bit of shenanigans, so I am glad I made that change. Since he never blew up or did anything but get looky, I don’t feel I set a precedent for misbehavior meaning “rider gets off”, it just meant that he had to keep working with me on the ground versus on his back. Given he is now lunging twice a week to work on forward, this was just a slight change in routine for him.

Inga is back from Florida and I have lessons scheduled for Friday morning. I’m nearly giddy with excitement, I love lessons and it has been 2 months since my last one. Hopefully I have not gone backwards. Fitness, mine or the horse’s, I have certainly not made progress, but I hope to not have lost too much.

Time to start thinking about shows, usually I shoot for the April shows, but April is almost upon us, and I don’t feel ready, due to more than a couple of weeks where I had a whopping 4 rides a week (on two horses…do the math).


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