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Ruts can develop FAST!

If you’ve ever been stuck in the mud, you know that the ruts that start when the tires no longer have forward traction can get deep, and astoundingly fast. Sunday, on Neuf, he was pretty forward, but also starting to … Continue reading

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Dangerous situation! Beware the Counterfeits!

Last Sunday, my friend Susan fell off, I saw the loose horse and went back that direction, my husband had caught the horse and my friend came around the corner coated in sand, from head to toe, with a skinned … Continue reading

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Trot needs work!

Another good lesson today with Linda. I broke out the double bridle, which I hadn’t used in nearly two years. I bought a different curb bit to try out, a curb with a shorter shank, but the mouthpiece was thicker … Continue reading

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Neuf – Off Probation

Neuf has been on probation for about a year now. He is big, he figured out he was big, he was being a bit of a bully in his terrible teenage years (aka a 4 year old in horse years), … Continue reading

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