June progress report

I’ve been taking my lessons before work, which means I often don’t have time to jot down my lesson notes.

Today was lesson day. I always ride Bali first, then Neuf.


We worked on keeping her really though and on the bit. Lots of walk work, I am still working to not throw away good contact in upward transitions. Years of believing that you needed to let go of the contact for upward transitions, so as not to give the horse conflicting signals, created habits that die hard.

canter, leg yield in, to quarter line or so, change to counter canter

put on the bigger spurs sometimes.


right is hollow side, focus on better left bend going left, and better left contact going right. How this translates to my “feel” is that to keep that I currently feel like I have more pressure in the left rein, both directions. To the right, it is to keep him straighter and from over-bending his neck. To the right, it is to work on increasing the bend, without losing the shoulder.

It is time to start taking Neuf off the farm more often, trail rides and lessons and probably even some schooling shows.


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