OTTB wins today

Small, insignificant cut, leg balloons. #OTTB

Definitely not #unicorn

Sound and happy, swelling almost gone after a hack… maybe a little bit of unicorn.

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Unicorn or OTTB?

Legacy might be a magical unicorn in disguise.

Legacy’s traits

The forelock – A well kept secret is that the modern unicorn’s horn evolved into an amazing forelock.  There was no way for the unicorns of yore to nestle into a good hug with their humans, so they changed to amazing hair instead.  Unicorn.


Barefoot – Now this is a unicorn, how many race horses race barefoot?  And then to transition to training as a sport horse?  Staying barefoot?  Unicorn.


Not spooky and very agreeable to ridden work  – ok so this one could go either way, OTTBs are usually very  agreeable.   OTTB

More to come…


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Legacy gets a haircut

Legacy was going to get a partial clip, so we decided to try for a conformation shot, but I’m not so great at standing the horse up, and he still had a saddle mark from our ride, but he looks pretty good.  We mostly wanted to get a good picture of that rich, brown color.


Here is a head/neck shot. He looks so refined with the long hair all trimmed.  His mane got pulled…but we left the forelock!


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A quick snack

After a nice evening ride, in above freezing temps!

I haven’t had one fresh off the track in about 4 years, I’d forgotten the casual attitude towards food. If only he could channel Bali and her eat everything as fast as possible!

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A run out?!?

Today we went to our gymnastic lesson and I got to see how Legacy is with a full week off.  Like a third of the country, we’ve been experiencing that polar vortex and this week was just not one where riding was a good idea.  I have no indoor, the temperatures were too low to be good for the lungs, and the roads were dangerously icy, so the last ride Legacy had was last week’s gymnastic lesson!

The past two weeks were so perfect with him jumping in the gymnastics, I might have gotten a bit complacent and forgotten that I need to ride, not just sit there…this was our fourth time jumping and only the third of more than a single cross rail, and the first time through with more than poles on the ground, he ran out to the right, before the first cross rail.  Came back around, failed to fix my riding, ran out again.  I changed my whip to my right hand to block his shoulder, decided to ride with a purpose, steer and keep my leg on, and gave him a tap on the shoulder and he went through.  It wasn’t pretty, but we got it done.

As the lesson continued, I had to really focus on keeping him straight, each time the elements changed.  Since he was having a harder time, we  kept the fences all low today.  He had one last attempt to run out, this time at the last element, but I was able to turn it into a stop.  We fixed that, and he finished on a nice note.

It is warming up, so this week should be much more pleasant for riding!

Oh, and how was Legacy with a full week off?  About the same as he is every other day!

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Today was the day….February 1.  The Retired Racehorse Project made the announcement on the accepted trainers!  My friend (and lesson buddy) Beth texted me “Let me know about rrp!” which I didn’t notice until after work, and that reminded me, I should check my personal email!  And there it was!

Congratulations! Your application to compete in the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover HAS BEEN ACCEPTED! You are one of over 600 talented and diverse trainers who will acquire and train a Thoroughbred to show the world what an ex-racehorse can do….

Next up, I need to see if I can track down my order of a microchip from the Jockey Club.  Then, I’ll declare Long Legacy as my horse, and the preparation for Kentucky begins in earnest!

Legacy Trot 2019-01-05 at 3.01.12 PM

And, the link to my blog from the trainer listing works!

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More Gymnastics for Legacy

I went again to Deerfield for a gymnastics clinic on Legacy.  I stayed paired with my friend Beth and her young horse, Ducati, because we have fun and our horses are fairly close in jumping experience.  This time, I have video, because Beth sweet talked her significant other into coming to the barn, on a 20F degree morning, for an 8 a.m. riding lesson to get video for my blog!

Legacy continues to just get right to work, he is mildly annoying to bridle, trying to look all the directions when you take the halter off, and I do believe it is a game for him, and as soon as the bridle is over his ears, he is all business.

After our warm up, we started through the gymnastic, when it was just poles, trotting and cantering, then we progressed to it building up.  He was super good, about halfway through our ride, Martin had me change the end to coming back to a walk and then turning toward the wall to turn around, as he was starting to get quick and turn sooner.

The hardest part was still getting the canter depart from the trot at the best time to set him up for going through the grid.  Too soon, he got a little bit discombobulated.  Too late, he tripped and had a hard time.  Just right and he just cantered on through in good rhythm.  He is truly so nice to ride.

Without further ado…video clips!  All, nicely short and sweet, and as a reminder, this is the third time I’ve jumped him since getting him in October.  I focused on getting him over his back and working on shifting his balance back towards his hind end.  He’s super eager to please, but these are a different set of muscles for his new career.

The modified reverse at the end…

Getting higher

He decided to try out percussion this time through…

The last fence is getting still higher!

Last time through – nicely done over the oxer

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