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A quote about critics!

This is a quote from an article that was originally in ORIGIN Magazine, I found it excerpted on Huffington Post. And the last thing is, I can’t be paralyzed anymore by the critics. My new mantra is, if you’re not … Continue reading

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Yoga and dressage-musings on instruction

Today I went for a combination yoga and dressage clinic.  Neither instructor was new to me.  My main takeaway, I need to get disciplined about doing a bit more yoga on my own.  It might be time to sign up … Continue reading

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Getting easier

I had a lesson today with Inga.  I really need to get in more than one lesson a month until I really get the feel of the shoulders lifting and more power behind. It was good.  More of the stellung … Continue reading

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What was I thinking?

I needed to get a ride in on Bali tonight, I ended up having dinner and a glass of wine while visiting with my husband first.  I finally roll out there, it is just after 8pm.  I go get Bali, … Continue reading

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Moonlight ride…on Neuf!

So Neuf is working on becoming a keeper.  Even though I suck at selling horses, I keep telling him that he is too big to be bad, and if he is bad, I’ll have to sell him on to a … Continue reading

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Overreacting? Or valid?

One of my biggest joys in riding is having happy horses.  This means that I accept each horse for who he/she is, the job he wants to do, and I take lessons to improve in that direction.  When someone tells … Continue reading

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You are working too hard!!!

Tonight I had a lesson on Bali with Inga.  About a month ago we’d had a great lesson and worked on some really collected canter, pirouette canter steps.  I told Inga that we’d worked on that a couple of times, … Continue reading

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