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A No Lesson Tuesday

Lauren called in sick, and Andi called in swamped with work, and Pat is up in NY, which means it is me and the critters. First thing was bot fly egg removal. Holy smokes, those guys are BAD this year. … Continue reading

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Tanq shines this week

Tanq has been doing very nicely this past few weeks. He loves his Equipak in his shoes, and he’s getting stronger, and his canter is softer, and he is so mellow, I’ve been getting other people up on him as … Continue reading

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Vale Pico de Gallo 1992 – 2010

In 1993, Pat and I bought our first house, on a small acreage in Jefferson County, WV. I had one horse, Romeo, who I had bought in May of 1989, from an ad in the Houston Chronicle. We had a … Continue reading

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Sparkle can do flying changes!

Last weekend, with 10 hours of hauling, and 6 lessons actually made me a tiny bit tired. I skipped my Tuesday lesson with Lauren and just rode at home. But…Sparkle has figured out the lead changes!!!! I honestly did not … Continue reading

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Jumbled thoughts regarding riding

For something that is so simple, it is sure not easy. Where is the sweet spot? Where I ask you? Now, I’m not talking about the leg position, I’m talking about that oh-so-elusive contact. Too much, you are waterskiing on … Continue reading

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Seat seat seat – Richard Williams lessons day 1

I hauled down, with no tire failures! Woot! Settled in, let the horses hang out for an hour or so, and then needed to get my lessons started. I started out on Bali, then was onto Sparkle. I’m going to … Continue reading

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This weekend is going to be fun!

Squee!!!! So, in a recent post, I mentioned I was trying to figure out how to go work with Richard Williams (and Frances, his wife) soon. And….it works out that I’m going this weekend. When I pulled up Mapquest and … Continue reading

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