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Good Brain in Horse?, check

I am going to get a lot of mileage out of the GBH as an acronym. Giant Baby Horse, Good Baby Horse, Great Baby Horse, Goofy… Today, we add Good Brain in horse! Neuf is so nice and solid, it … Continue reading

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Horses ‘talk’, you just have to listen

I ride Bali the most of all my horses, she is the favorite, but she is also the one I take to shows, so she needs to be fit. Bali likes to be ridden, always helps put her bridle on, … Continue reading

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Naughty Neuf Nips

Neuf got yesterday off, but today, it was back to riding. Yesterday, he made a grave, baby horse mistake and in his mouthiness, got a pinch of skin, so he was pretty convinced that I was going to kill him, … Continue reading

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Neuf’s Field Trip to Tebogo

I have a friend who has a lovely farm, Tebogo Sporthorses, where they retrain off the track Thoroughbreds, to become sport horses. They do a fantastic job, and are super fun people who love horses and helping horses find the … Continue reading

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A better half-pass

I had a great lesson today. I had multiple friends suggest I try lessons with Inga Janke, and today the stars aligned (as in, she was teaching close to me, I had time & could get there for a lesson, … Continue reading

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Riding the square

Somewhere I have the book 101 Dressage Exercises by Jec Ballou. My friend Suzy has been going through it for ideas and mentioned “the square”. Now, since I haven’t actually looked at the book recently, I’m not sure that my … Continue reading

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Bali, Sparkle, Neuf, Upperville & mowing

It was a busy day! I started out by finishing up some laundry, there had been a backlog, and I am terrible at sorting the laundry, but if Pat sorts for me, I find it easy to just stop at … Continue reading

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