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2011 Ride statistics & Tanq video

I am still logging all rides for horses who live at TerraOasis, 2011 was a good year. The Riders at TerraOasis Rider Total Rides Average Rides per Week Mel 496 9.54 Suzy 155 2.98 Andi 33 .63 Marit* 92 2.97 … Continue reading

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New saddle, new horse, canter half-pass transitions!

New saddle: I got a new saddle for Bali. I’ve been using Sparkle’s saddle (an XW) on Bali pretty much since she was 3. For a short period I was able to use Pico’s MW saddle on her but at … Continue reading

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Awesome lesson and some show pictures

From last month’s show. I realize that WordPress had compressed these pictures and lost the image quality. I’ll need to upload them somewhere where I can keep the quality. I’ve swapped my lesson to a morning time for the rest … Continue reading

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