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Late summer = Hard Ground

We had a bit of rain in August and it greened up all the grass, but it stopped again, and the ground is back to concrete status. Tanq, who was feeling fine early in the week is back to ouchy … Continue reading

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Tanq is coming along, and a few more archives on him

This morning, only Tanq & Pico bothered to come up to eat. As my horses are all fat and live on a pretty lush field of grass, I don’t usually go try to catch them only for feeding. Today is … Continue reading

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Lesson night – work on fixing those low scores and Tanq intro/archives

Tuesday is lesson night at Lauren Sprieser’s barn for me and my boarder Andi. Since I’m an efficiency nut, who is terrible at sitting down doing not much, I bring a second horse to ride while Andi is in her … Continue reading

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Wolf!!! Danger, Danger!

That is Sparkle’s version of our ride tonight. A neighbor has a silent and large husky, and it came trotting over, but not real close, it almost looks like a hybrid. I don’t think Sparkle has ever been that up … Continue reading

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Dressage at Foxcroft – Show report.

Summary, meh. 2-2, first ride, 52.432% and 2-1, second ride, 57.368. Same judge, Heidi Berry. For both, I thought they felt about 3% better, but from C, they obviously were not. But, at least now, I’m only off about 3% … Continue reading

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The Archives 2/21/10 – 6/16/10 Sparkle

2/21/10 wheee!!! Sparkle was forward today. ;D 😮 She was so appreciative of having footing, that she even galloped! But, mincing around in the snow has made her very tight and VERY crooked. We trotted a bit, and I was … Continue reading

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The Archives 6/8/09 – 11/20/09 Sparkle

6/8/09 So, I need to work on my nerves and “I suck” attitude. ::) 😛 It is ridiculous that I get nervous for dressage shows…more so than for jumper shows. I get a bit nervous for jumping, but I get … Continue reading

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