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A photo progress report

Bali has been sore sometimes, and I knew we’d been really moving the bar higher, but nothing like some pictures to contrast. The May pictures are from our first show this year, at second level. The other pictures are from … Continue reading

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Moving away from insanity

Tonight was my lesson night and I took Bali. I’ve been practicing that haunches in on Tanq at the walk, feeling like a complete clutz, but I think that the practice on him is helping. He is green at this, … Continue reading

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Draw Reins – Lateral work – different horse – same rider issues

Since today is a federal holiday, I decided to take a day of leave and scheduled an extra lesson this morning. I took Tanq, and I’ve been learning how to use draw reins on him. He was starting to get … Continue reading

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Ugh – still leaning to the outside

Why does it take so long to develop accurate propioception and muscle memory? I still feel like I’m sitting up straight and evenly when I’m weighting my outside more. I had a lesson on Bali today, and it was a … Continue reading

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Tanq’s latest adventure – Fox Hunting!

Tanq has been a rock-solid, equine citizen lately. He is for sale and is going to make someone a very happy owner. This past week, he’s been foxhunting and to a combined test, and did a super job at both! … Continue reading

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