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Fun clinic – yoga, dressage and chiro

My friend Katy organized another clinic with James Houston this weekend, and so I signed up for one day. It was fun. First, I had a nice yoga session with Sylvia Vitazkova, where we did lots of chest openers after … Continue reading

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Wah! Bali lost her rein back

Bali’s been making great progress, but every once in a while, something goes backwards. A few weeks ago, she’d gotten changes and lost her half pass. Tonight, she had lead changes, forward and half pass, but trot to walk was … Continue reading

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A glimmer of progress

Tonight I went out and rode Tanq first. He was good, and when I finished, I opted to ride Bali again. She was happy to come in, and I gave her a cookie (very important to her), then while grooming, … Continue reading

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Straightness and canter squares

One of the common themes in my lessons this summer has been lengthening Bali’s neck. She’s got a short, thick neck, and so it takes a bit of extra work to really get her to stretch out from the base … Continue reading

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Rounder, more round, ROUNDER!

This might be something I hear a lot…and while it is an easy thing to say, either to myself or someone else, it is a much harder thing to do. Finding that sweet spot of releasing the reins forward and … Continue reading

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Tanq wins money back!

Wow, this boy is doing nicely at the shows! I took him to his second combined test at Hunt Club Farms in Berryville, VA Beginner Novice (2’7″ jump course and a simple dressage test) and he got 3rd place, which … Continue reading

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Chiropractic work followed by a lesson

I’ve got some back issues, I think most of them stem from age, and probably all the arthritis that shows up in xrays, there are a few bulging discs, blah blah, but anyway, it feels worse when I do nothing…or … Continue reading

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