New saddle, new horse, canter half-pass transitions!

New saddle:

I got a new saddle for Bali. I’ve been using Sparkle’s saddle (an XW) on Bali pretty much since she was 3. For a short period I was able to use Pico’s MW saddle on her but at 7 1/2 years old, she has stabilized into a Wide tree. The only size dressage saddle I don’t own. I’ve made do with a Mattes pad for a year, but it seems that Bali has chosen dressage, over jumping, and that Black Country never did work for me as well as I’d hoped, so that was sold on consignment and applied as “trade in” for a new Detente saddle, possibly an Isis…dunno, don’t care, it seems to fit me & the horse. Edited: I have the H&C. The invoice was sitting on the table still. It still looks pretty much the same.

Since I had to order a wide tree anyway, I ordered short flaps and a serge panel (a heavy cloth on the horse side of the panel instead of leather) and waited the long time for it to come. It arrived last Friday night. Any new saddle is worrisome, you’ve spent a lot of savings on it, and you want your horse to be happy in it, you want to be happy in it, etc. I’ve been riding in it for a week now and I think it is going to work. I’m so used to a slightly too-wide saddle that I’d forgotten how a new “fits” saddle sits, but Bali seems to be going quite well in it.

New Horse:
In 2009, I was going to try to breed Pico for my next horse. She did not get pregnant on the (late in the season) first try, then she was somehow injured, and never got better, so here I am in 2011 with an almost 8 year old horse, and no pipeline for my next one!!!! Horrors!

I have been looking at everything from in utero to 2 year olds, and this one 2010 colt kept catching my eye. The pictures are from 2010, so he is a lot bigger. He is almost 20 months.

Quoi de Neuf

I went up and looked at him and another colt. I liked him a lot…and made an offer. He is my next horse. We’ll see if he likes dressage as much as Bali, that would be nice, but he’s jumper bred, so if he likes jumping, maybe I’ll become more enthused about jumping again.

Merry Christmas to me!

Today I had a lesson and took Bali. She is doing nicely, and the new exercise today was canter half pass, walk, walk half pass, canter half pass, walk half pass, canter…holy smokes was that hard!!! But it was working. Bali is getting stronger and more jump in her canter. There might be some iphone video clips later, but it was low light, and a dark horse, so they might not be very high quality.


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