Sailor’s Big Field Trip

Today was another first for Sailor!  An indoor riding arena! Martin went to a schooling jumper show this morning, and since I hadn’t jumped anyone in 2 months, that didn’t seem like a good place to jump back into the ring, so I just waited until he got back and met him at the winter farm.

I took Sailor and Legacy.  I decided to haul them tacked up, and that was also a first for Sailor.

Sailor loaded right up, and I unloaded and rode him first, since I expected Legacy to stand patiently in the trailer and wanted Sailor to have a good first trip to a big farm.  I dropped the front ramp, and the boys were quite peaceful.  I bridled Sailor, he walked off the trailer like he’d been going to Deerfield every week.  No pushy behavior, no jumping into my space, no rudely pulling and trying to look around.  We walked through the barn to the indoor, he noted the big horses, and just strolled on by with a tiny bit of swagger.   I hand walked him around the indoor once, then headed to the mounting block as a couple of Katie’s foster dogs were rough-housing in the arena and so Martin came in and started cracking a lunge whip to chase them out.  Sailor paused, but we went to the mounting block and I climbed aboard.

We walked around a couple of times, he jumped at a rat trap, peered out the windows at the vista, relaxed his neck and back a bit and then we trotted some, cantered a bit, a few circles, a few faster passes down the long side.  Walked over some ground poles, and called it a success!  I untacked him, tossed him in a stall and grabbed Legacy for a jumping lesson.

I was in a joint lesson with Silvio on Rocky and this is about the same final gymnastic Legs and I ended up with.  This was the only video or pictures from today though.  This is Sailor’s first indoor to ride in, and he was a superstar with all the jumps and windows!

It was a good first jumping lesson for the new year!  Legacy is quite the clever little jumper.  The plan will be to get Sailor over and once he’s used to the indoor, he’ll start learning to be a jumping pony too.

Then I loaded the boys back up, with Silvio’s help, both self-loaded and home we came.


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