Sailor does ground poles

Sailor was a little bad ass again on Thursday for a hack, when a neighbor was playing lumberjack, chainsawing up a giant tree, and as we’re about 300′ away, I hear the first ominous CRACK…uh oh, I look over, realize how big of a tree was being cut down, 2 guys pulling lines, another with the chainsaw, and I grabbed the neck strap.

CRAACK, CRASH, CRUNCH, all the sounds of a crashing down tree.

Sailor?  Took a couple of steps forward.  Then we walked around the slain tree (it was likely already dead and a risk to the house nearby), and the little dude is quite proud of himself and carrying me along.

Today, it FINALLY got above freezing so we could ride in the ring.  First, Suzy took Neuf and I had Legacy and we did a nice little hack.  Then, Jennifer and I rode in the ring.  I’m getting used to being warm, so was wearing the Arctic skirt, but tightening the girth, on his back, while wearing the skirt proved to be more than I could do, I dropped my crop.   Well, I was getting off anyway, so hopped off,  decided to pick up the poop he’d already left before getting back on…then decided to drop a couple of ground poles to go over.

On again, and without further ado….

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