Long Legacy TB Makeover 2019 – Part 1

Back in February, I was accepted to be a trainer in the Retired Racehorse Project for the TB Makeover.  Accepted!   The Makeover is October 2-5, 2019.

I had spectacular plans, Neuf would be sold, I’d then be spending my lessons and show budget showing Legacy.  We’d be well prepared, I’d go ride at the Kentucky Horse Park, we’d have fun.

Then life happened. I spent all my money attempting to get Neuf sold (failed), he’s home and the fanciest, best trained, over-sized trail horse ever (what I am competent to do with the giant)…so if you know anyone that wants a fabulous jumper, that is bigger than 5’1″ tall, give me call.

So that cut the lesson/show budget, I had one dressage lesson from my good friend Joanna, who then created my demo ride pattern for me as well!!!!  Thank you!!!  Two dressage shows, a licensed show at Morven, for the Opportunity classes, hmm, training level test 2 has the canter departs in the corner, approaching a lovely white fence…gymnastics?  No no no no, TURN, whew, stayed in the ring.  Then a second schooling show when I realized we needed to get into a white fence again.

Then, I managed to get in about 1-2 jumping lessons a month for about 6 of the months.  I got to two jumper schooling shows.  Morningside for a round, Beverly for 2 rounds.

But, the good news, Legacy is so suitable for me that I was able to ride and train…he stayed barefoot.  So, it was the usual, slow and steady, steady and slow.  He’s had two other people on him, my friend took him on a trail ride, and one trainer sat on him for about 15 minutes in a lesson.

Then, in the last month prior to leaving, Bali stepped on a nail, didn’t present with any classic abscess symptoms, and I spent a couple of weeks spending quality time with my vets, the farrier, soaking, xraying, crying that I was going to have to put her down (it was looking pretty bad Labor Day weekend before we finally diagnosed it).  To say I wasn’t focused on Legacy the last month would be an understatement.

Summary:  I hit the last week before leaving for Kentucky feeling woefully under-prepared.

I did buy the boy a halter at the Makeover though!


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