Dressage lesson & jumping show

Today, I was ambitious! I had a dressage lesson with Inga over at my friend’s farm, and a boarder also brought her horse for a lesson, then Neuf needed to get out, and there was a jumper show over in Millwood, and now that we’re doing more than puddle jumpers, I figured there would be time to get there and do both!

It all worked out.

First up, Bali’s lesson report.

Bali is sound, her 3 weeks of walking rest with some bute, which is what the doctor ordered, worked. She felt good, had a bit of distraction because Scuff was over in the trailer, but nothing too bad.

In our walk warm up, we worked on getting her to lift her shoulders, really stay on the bit, using stellung on both sides. In trot, we went back to that shallow serpentine, making it more shallow, and really focusing on moving the shoulders, really controlling them. Right bend is Bali’s hard side, so we did some turn on the forehand around Inga, keeping her shoulders lifted, then trotting some, doing a modified turn on the forehand in trot, changed direction a few times, didn’t need as much to the left.

Then we did some long, half passes, focusing on the shoulders, keeping her between both legs going forward. Volte at the end of some, at the beginning of others. Interestingly, I have reached the point where my hands are too still, they aren’t following enough, so I worked on that, more to the right. I really need to feel her taking the contact, then giving that following hand for her to move into it. We did some trot half pass zigzag work, centerline to B back to center line, or rail to X, back to rail.

At canter, we did walk turn on the forehand, then cantered a few times, then down the long side. A few circles, some long side, then a few half passes, keeping the bend through the turn staying in counter canter, then doing 2 flying changes across the diagonal. In the changes, I worked on staying relaxed, not trying for as much power. It was a good lesson.

Then while my boarder had her lesson I got Bali cleaned up, the trailer picked, wiped down her tack and loaded her up. This took me most of the lesson, so I didn’t get to see the ride. I called over to the jumper show, they were in the 2’9″ division, so I said I was on my way. We scooted back to the farm, I dropped off Bali, quickly vacuumed Neuf, swapped saddles in the trailer, and off I went.

The timing worked out perfectly. I went down and registered, got my number, walked the course as they were raising it to the 3′-3’3″ Adult Amateur division, there were a couple of odd lines, I figured I’d watch someone else go. I got Neuf out and warmed up, went in and it was time for me to go.

The first round was clear! Not as smooth as I’d like, but a clear round! We were second.

The second class was power and speed and we had a rail during the power phase.

The third round would have had a jump off, but we had an awful fence and a rail, but we still placed.

We were Reserve, that was fun!

I need to work on staying in two point, and keeping more pace. I also need to get those lead changes sooner.

I was home by 3:15 in the afternoon!


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