Neuf Nailed It!

I took Neuf to another VHSA Associate schooling show today.  This time, the plan was to do 2’9″-3’0″, low jumpers.  I did one round in the 2’6″-2’9″ division, unjudged as a warmup, because I still feel better going over the jumps for the first time with them small.

Neuf was excellent.  More forward than last time, jumping well, super fun to ride.

The first round was beautiful.  Forward, met all the jumps in stride, it was FUN!  Which is why I do this crazy horse thing.

Then we waited around for the low jumpers, and someone was really looking for another amateur to fill the children/adults amateur division, which was scheduled to be 3’3″.  I’m sticking to my plan of building up gradually, and the plan was 3′ this show, not 3’3″, and so I said I wasn’t going to do it.  The beauty of a schooling show, they can decide to alter the prize list for a division, so they said they would run it at 2’9″-3’0″, so I scratched out of the low jumper division and added into the Ch/Amateur Adult jumpers.

Martin said to me “you have to try to beat her now”…he might be a leeetle bit competitive.

This did entail another hour+ of sitting around, so I got off Neuf, got his cooler to keep him warm…ah horse world terminology where we use a cooler to keep them warm. We hung out and chatted for a while, then it was time.

I went in and Neuf was fantastic.  Clear, forward, it felt easy.  He still looks pretty slow in the videos, but he feels much more forward.  We won.

Next round was the power & speed class, I went in, he was still forward, and it was great, I was to keep to the right in the 2-3 line, check, until the last fence, when I missed…and I missed big, but Neuf said “I’m supposed to go”, he jumped, couldn’t clear it, took down the back rail of the oxer, landed in a heap ,and I fell up his neck.  I too was in a heap and he was still cantering along, and I kicked free and fell off, yay Morven for nice, soft footing.  Drat.  It had been going so well.

I got up, came over, apologized to Neuf, as that was MY fault.  Dusted all the footing off me, Ashley wiped my boots, I got some padding to snug up the helmet, because it was falling into my eyes on landing (and I’ll be replacing it, since it did hit), got back on and get this…

Since I stayed on until after the timer, that fall was only judged as a rail in the speed half of the class, I still won with my 4 faults.

Then, even better?!? I rode the last course well!  I didn’t pull, I didn’t pick, I rode!!!!  This is a HUGE accomplishment for me.  Often, I’ve gotten backed off if I made a mistake, and then started riding poorly and backwards, and that is not a recipe for success.  but I didn’t do that!!!  Also, since I fell off vice being bucked off, it didn’t impact my confidence.

Since the other rider had faults, all I had to do was go clear, and we won another blue AND the championship.

Hopefully the video will come back to life.  YouTube seems to be having technical difficulties.  This is not the round where I fell.

Three blues and the championship!  woot!  Neuf earned his day off tomorrow!  Horse shows are fun, but they are even more fun when you win.

Now…for some advil and a hot soak in the tub!


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