A Glimmer of Possibility

The stars aligned for a lesson with Inga today.  I needed it!  Cliff notes for me, so I remember what to focus on for the next few rides.

I seem to be leaning a bit and weighting my right seatbone too much, so I need to really focus on lifting the right seatbone, which until I find my new balance, will feel unbalanced.  Hopefully, I can stop at the middle and not end up over-correcting.

I am still struggling with an honest connection to the right rein.  So, in an odd turn, I was actually asked to DO something with my left rein…besides keeping my hands still!  Progress!  Of course, I’ll still be corrected for being too busy with my hands when jumping…and the next time I forget my “legs not hands” mantra.  As I said, I’m like a marionette and my hands and legs are connected and I use my leg and my hand just pulls.  This is a VERY hard habit to break, largely because it is a completely unconscious movement.  Anyway, going left, Bali is finding it very difficult to stay balanced and bent without throwing her haunches in, so at the trot, I was really working to keep her haunches out, and that was met with the resistance of  stepping into canter, where I worked on keeping her haunches out and her bent and an honest connection on the right rein, which is where I need to give the left rein forward, so she doesn’t feel trapped by the right rein, then take it back.  Getting her to transition into the trot AND maintain connection AND keep her haunches out on the circle, whew…that was tough the first couple of times, but she got there, and the gaits improved.

I worked on keeping that honest connection in the right rein in shoulder in and half pass.  Not too much bend in shoulder in, not too sideways in halfpass.  When I’d lose the bend in halfpass, it was a few steps of leg yield off the opposite leg.

We worked on simple (through trot) changes a couple of times on a three loop serpentine and then moved to flying changes.  The simple changes through trot initially showed that weakness from warm up, wanting to keep her haunches in, so we did a couple of circles to refresh the stepping under while straight, then went to flying changes.  One was late, so Inga had me leg yield off the rail, about to the quarterline, then a flying change to the counter canter.  I held that a couple of times, then leg yielded back to the wall for another change to true canter.

For 3 changes across the diagonal, no counting, it fell apart the first time when I started on the true lead, so she had me leg yield to a flying change to counter canter, then did my three changes starting and ending in counter canter.  Other than one late behind, they were clean, although a few were croup high.

Homework is the canter/trot/canter keeping the haunches out, the leg yields, and keeping that connection even, especially on the right.  Oh, and  sit evenly!  I feel like there is a tiny hope that we can get to PSG.


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