An easy January

I gave Neuf a month of vacation starting at the end of December and decided to take it easy on Bali with mostly hacks, so I’ve had a few light weeks.

I had a business trip to California, and took Neuf over to Martin, at The Frame Sport Horses, to give Neuf the first few rides, post vacation.  It was a good decision.  He bucked some the first ride back, but was back to his lazy self by day 3.  I had a flat lesson on Saturday and he was perfect, then a lesson on Sunday, with a long line of canter poles…I think 7.  He was really nice. He will stay at the indoor through the end of March, which means I’ll only get to ride him 3x a week, but he’s in full training there, so I’ll enjoy the benefits of that.

What was really nice on Sunday?  It turns out that Inga was right.  She told me I’d be able to sit that huge trot once he softened through his back, and at the end of my lesson on Sunday, I was just playing around while talking to another student, whose lesson had been no stirrups and sitting trot work.  So I started to sit the trot, because if he had to, then I could show him I could do it.  Then he said “but you have stirrups”, I dropped them, and it was even easier to sit the trot with a longer leg.  I probably trotted around a good 5 minutes or so, sitting, picking up and dropping my stirrups, while talking about the rider biomechanics of sitting.  I can sit Neuf’s trot!!!  I might even take a dressage saddle over to use in the indoor a time or two.

I also took Bali over on Sunday for a gymnastics lesson.  It was fun.  My jumping lessons on her are short, because she is just so good.  And, since she is really my DQ pony, we don’t want to jump her too high and it is really good for me to have Martin sending me more forward.  Bali is truly the perfect amateur horse.  I can trail ride her, alone or in company, I can take her to a dressage show, and show 4th level, respectably.  I can take her to little jumper shows and zoom around, and I could probably dust off the hunter coats and take her to a hunter show and collect some ribbons.  I love my mare!

I’m a lucky girl in the horse department.  It has taken a bit longer than planned on Neuf, but I have two super horses.  I didn’t blog too much last year, but maybe this year will be a year of more things to write up.

I’m going to take Neuf to jumper shows, local and rated, with a stretch goal of 1.10m by the end of the year, 1.05 would be fantastic as well, I’m comfortable at .85-.90m away and ok with a few fences at a meter at home.  Martin will show him some in the larger classes while I build up my confidence at the lower heights.  I’ll make sure I know all the rules for the different types of classes and maybe even keep a set of “classic” clothes in my trailer.  Classics usually pay a little bit of prize money, but require a coat & ratcatcher.

With Bali, I’m going to keep working to develop her strength in collection and see if we can get to PSG, lesson schedules allowing.  It would be really cool to get my USDF Silver medal on her, but only if it is fun.

Onward and forward in 2017 for my lazy WBs.


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