Just jumping around

I have had one dressage lesson since the clinic debacle.  It was with Joanna, so a good lesson and I felt somewhat better about dressage, but Bali’s left to right lead change, which has never been super, seems to be back to late behind…or at best, close behind.  So, we have some work to do, strengthening and quickening the hind end, particularly the right.  Leg yields, steep half passes, haunches in, all the usual, leave the lead changes for when riding with someone only.

I’m feeling like a bit of a break is needed from dressage.  So, I’ve been taking Bali over to Martin’s when I go with Neuf and we are jumping more often.  We ended up my first lesson with “Bali does it all perfect the first time”.  We aren’t jumping very big, probably 2’6″ at the highest, but it is fun.

Neuf has been acting his age! I’ve truly been enjoying taking both horses, one stays on the trailer while I ride the other and there is no drama.  Both horses go to work, neither paws or has a tantrum in the trailer, and what seemed like an impossibility a year ago, is now reality.

Friday we did gymnastics in our lessons, it was good on both.  Today I had a flat lesson on Neuf, really working on getting him through and pushing from behind, and being honest on the right rein.  This means less bending to the left and more bending to the right, even when going left at times.  Straight and when he gets stuck feeling, sending him forward low.  He was very enjoyable and fun to ride.

An old picture, from March, which is the last time I have pictures of me jumping! Neufenstein!

Bali, she is a still my sports car.  She bounces over things well, tidy jumper, but I have to work to keep her lifting her withers up, and this will definitely help the dressage.  While jumping, the right to left lead change is always good still, and the right to left was sometimes late, but when I keep her straight, it was good.  She has a pretty hard right drift when jumping.  She also has a pretty big buck when she is so inclined.  And she was inclined today…Not sure what that was about, but it was ridiculous.

I ordered some new flower boxes on Black Friday.  Poly with flowers, so this will give me some color and motivation to get the jumps fixed up and repainted.  I really want to get new jump poles, the newer landscaping poles don’t really hold up at all.  My old ones from 1989 in Texas are still in better shape than the ones I bought in the 2005 era.

I’ll continue to play around with jumping over the winter, do a few schooling shows, maybe a couple of rated and see how things feel with regards to continuing towards my USDF Silver medal  in the spring.  At the moment, it has lost the fun factor on Bali, and that has to return. She is way too cool of a horse to not have fun, every ride.



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