Confidence Building-group jumping lesson

Neuf is not ready to be a dressage horse, maybe he’ll never be ready to be a dressage horse, these things happen when you buy yearlings. He likes jumping. He is talented at jumping. I’m not confident enough to jump him yet.

So, I’m working on building my confidence over fences. I’m reviewing lots of old pictures, to jog my memory that I used to jump all the time. I’m riding in my jumping saddle on Bali a bit more often, and jumping more fences.

Tonight, there was a Tri-State lesson opening in a jumping lesson, up to 2’11”, I decided to take it with Bali. It was fun. Bali is awesome.

Started with a little cross rail, with a trot pole, built into a small gymnastic with a vertical, then an oxer, then just the oxer and onto a course. I was a little bit wide eyed at how fast it went from cross rail to 2’6″+ but the group lesson was good for me. The other ladies were there and doing it, nobody was worried, so I didn’t get worried. At the end, there was one 3′ oxer, and some skinnies and a liverpool, but there was never even a bobble from Bali. The group lesson was good for me. I need to sign up for a few more of these.

I lost my reins a few times, my go-to when I start to lose my balance is to drop the reins to the buckle and sit up, but on the whole, it was a fun lesson and I’m glad I went. The haul up to the lesson location is windy and bumpy on the way there to avoid nasty traffic, but the way home is easy, because the traffic is both gone and was the other way.


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2 Responses to Confidence Building-group jumping lesson

  1. cheryl says:

    I always drop my reins and sit up too. Last week Uzi took a flyer and i actually went with him, it wa a miracle and felt awesome!!

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