Dangerous situation! Beware the Counterfeits!

Last Sunday, my friend Susan fell off, I saw the loose horse and went back that direction, my husband had caught the horse and my friend came around the corner coated in sand, from head to toe, with a skinned forehead, nose, elbows. I exclaimed, “What happened?!” since falls are relatively rare and Ernie isn’t the sort of horse to just dump his rider.

The bit had broken!

Counterfeit Myler Bit

Counterfeit Myler Bit

I had never had a bit break, but the horse was scared, he is not long off the track so stopping off the seat isn’t in his repertoire yet, and so Susan bailed, landed on her feet, but momentum led to a face plant.

I was pissed that a quality bit would EVER break. This bit had probably less than 50 rides on it, it wasn’t the perfect bit for the horse I’d bought it for, but we’d used it once or twice on other horses…mostly it sat in a bin, with the other unused bits.

The background…of how I had what I thought was a Myler bit.

A few years ago…ok, a little over a decade ago, in the 1999-2002 range, I was trying some new bits. I’ve never been much of a bit collector, I’m a plain snaffle girl for most situation.

I had heard good things of Myler bits and was willing to spend a little extra to see if I could see a difference with a Myler bit, so I ordered two, I ordered from somewhere either online or mail order, paying the market price for a Myler bit, the bits came with tagging that said Myler. One, had copper inlays, the Comfort snaffle, with a D ring…and a french link. Both looked like what I’d seen in catalog pictures.

Unbeknownst to me, I had a fake. The real ones are stamped, the D ring comfort snaffle was not, I honestly haven’t gone to look for the other bit, I think I loaned it out and it may not have been returned, or it might be in the bit box.

First, I’d like to show a real Myler, what I should have had, but obviously was dealing with an unscrupulous store…

Note the stamps on the rings in the real Myler shown below.

Genuine Myler...The REAL thing!

Genuine Myler…The REAL thing!

Now notice there are no stamps on the rings of the bit that broke.

Counterfeit Myler Bit

Counterfeit Myler Bit

Notice the amount of rust, this was not a solid, stainless steel bit. The copper inlay is not of the same quality that the genuine one is.

"Knock off" Myler Comfort Snaffle

“Knock off” Myler Comfort Snaffle

One last picture of the fake…

FAKE!!!!  Not a Myler

FAKE!!!! Not a Myler

To summarize, I strongly recommend that if you are one of the thousands of riders who loves the Myler Comfort Snaffle line, you go check your bit, make sure it has the stamp on the rings, and if it does NOT have the stamps, I really, REALLY recommend you take it for metal recycling and go buy a new one, because you do not want to be cantering your horse and have the bit break.

You should go to Toklat Toklat – Myler Production line or to Myler Bits – Handmade line. If you order from a reputable tack store, you should get a genuine Myler, but check for that stamp.


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2 Responses to Dangerous situation! Beware the Counterfeits!

  1. klumsikase says:

    This isn’t the big D-ring comfort snaffle I used on Allie when we came back from the knee injury is it? I don’t remember the copper inlays, but I remember that big D (sans stamps)…

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