Good Riddance 2014!

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

The annual summary for riding at TerraOasis farm. After 9 years of tracking rides, I’m up to 4252 rides. The Riders at TerraOasis

Rider Total Rides Average Rides per Week
Mel 433 8.33
Suzy 103 1.98
Cameron* 25 1.39
Marit* 24 3.00
Patrick 10 N/A

*Weekly averages are using the number of weeks riding in the barn. There were a handful of guests and helpers who rode as well, but I only tallied them into the horse counts. For 2014 on the horses, we had several months with just Suzy and I, then Cameron came and Marit got a new pony in late November!!!!

Horse Total Rides Average Rides per Week
Bali 202 3.88
Sparkle 106 2.04
Neuf 147 2.83
Harry 80 2.22
Zen 24 1.33
Ernie 16 2.67

As for why I say good riddance? I’ve fallen off more in 2014 than in any other year. I fell off 4 times, including New Year’s Eve. That topic will be for another day, hopefully I won’t be too sore, since we are headed down to Southern Pines, NC again for a few days of riding around the Walthour-Moss Foundation and hopefully taking a couple of jumping lessons.


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