We went, we survived, it was good

Taking two horses to a show is way more difficult than one, you have the separation anxiety…worrying about the one on the trailer while trying to stay on the one who is also worried about the one on the trailer.

I gave up showing two horses about 5 years ago. I realized it was just not fun. But, I’m testing the waters again with Bali & Neuf. My new trailer is easier to work off of with both, they can just get over it, but I need to learn to insist that both horses pay attention to being ridden when there are so many distractions, which are always amplified when you have a friend out of sight….at least if you are a horse.

I woke up this morning with zero motivation. I went outside, did the barn chores, and came back in and went back to bed for an hour. This is not my normal routine.

I was entered to ride at Frying Pan Park at 1:40, 2:00 and 3:00 on Neuf and Bali.

I did not want to go.

So, I loligagged and was enormously late by the time I got the truck & trailer ready, ate something, vacuumed Bali & Neuf and loaded up.

But, it was a nice schooling show, and they let me ride late. Neuf was first. Marit got him tacked up while I put my boots on, she had gone to get my numbers, I took him to the warm up ring, got on and he was ok for a couple of laps…then I decided I wanted to lunge him. I got on again, and he was ok, but when we went into the indoor for his class, he was not forward, squirrely, bucking, and well, he got me my first 2. And it was generous that he received a 2…had we been rung out, I would not have complained, there were some extra circles in a 20m canter circle, but the judge was kind and let me work Neuf though some of it.

I still wanted to quit, but I decided to do my second test on Neuf, if they would allow it.

The second test on Neuf was wildly improved. He went from 52 to 62. Still tense, but definitely more ridable and a much better test. I got off and was hugely relieved I’d gotten off of my own volition!

Time to rush over and grab Bali for her test. She was distracted by Neuf, she doesn’t have a lot of experience working off the trailer, leaving her buddy behind, so she never did get as relaxed or as through as I would have liked, and she decided to toss in some bucking moves at her medium canter…so the score was terrible, but I think she had the best medium trot ever, and she took me in the extended trot as well, so now that I’ve got her moving forward, I need to work on keeping her uphill and on the bit. The main comment was she was too up, I needed to get her a bit rounder and she would be more through and supple in her back.

Also, we need to keep practicing going places with a friend and leaving the friend on the trailer with both of them.

I’m glad I made myself go, glad that I was able to ride, as late as I was, and by actually doing it, even when I didn’t want to, I feel much better about having gotten this first time out, working off the trailer done!


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