A last pretty fall day


The weather forecast looked good, it was a federal holiday (Veteran’s Day), so we managed to get a last morning lesson done.

I rode Bali first.  I still need to get focused on properly working her sooner.  Stepping into the bridle, coming onto the bit.

Since I left it too long from the lesson to write up a blow by blow, a few of the exercises we did.

Shoulder-in to renvers positioning on a circle, we did this both at trot and some at canter.

Keeping an uphill canter, still going forward, not to up and down.

Counter flexion in counter canter

Some flying changes, leg yield from corner to center line, go straight, change when straight.

I need to keep working on straightness.

I took Neuf over to my friend’s farm for our lesson, to get him off the farm.  Initially I thought he was chill enough to just climb on, but as I got on the mounting block, Janet’s horses ran about a bit, and he seemed very distracted, so I borrowed a lunge line and lunged him first.  Inga had me run the lunge line through the inside bit ring to the girth, to act as a better inside rein and help me get him to bend.  I lunged him both ways, and will practice this technique.  It was quite effective.

Once I got on, he did quite well.  We ended up only doing walk/trot, but it was good work and he got distracted one more time near the end, but came back to me nicely.

This weekend, I’ve decided to make him be grown up, he gets to go do two schooling jumping rounds (little fences) with Martin, then on Saturday, I’ll take him to Frying Pan Park to do a dressage test (Training level test 1).   I think he’s doing well and is at the point where he needs more experiences off the farm.


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