Horses at Versailles

Saturday it was the horses at Versailles.

Nice show put on by the Academy of Equestrian Sciences, LA VOIE DE L’ECUYER, OPUS 2014.


A warm up ring in the parking lot outside the palace.


The palace is ridiculous, all I could think was ‘no wonder they beheaded them’.

Anyway, back to the horses. Pictures during the show were prohibited, but I got this right after.

An Argentin Criollo. These were used for the sword fighting on horseback and then again in a quadrille type ride.

These stables were for the King’s saddle horses, they were converted to barracks for a while, but have been converted back to stables for the Academy.

You can see a cubby recessed into each stall, that has a saddle rack and a place to keep things for getting ready.


Untacking after the show.


Not a bad set up.


The walls in the ring are painted like this.

It was a fun show with archery, fencing and choral singing in addition to the riding…or while riding for singing and fencing.

I now understand what my friends meant by ‘a French head’. Not refined like a thoroughbred or Arab.


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