Neuf & Bali do road rides

Today it was time to do a mini “trail” ride on Neuf. More of a road ride, since most of the riding is on the gravel roads now, but it still gets the horses out of the ring and off the property.

Despite the fact that Neuf has a solid year of excellent behavior under saddle, his bucking me off in early April has set my confidence back WAY more than it should have. I somehow have to remind myself that Neuf is a good boy and that truly was an outlier sort of day.

He was perfectly boring. Squished through mud, hardly an ear turned towards the barking standard poodles behind the trees, a couple of jig steps at the pond with a fountain…just after those poodles, but literally, a couple, two. Then he didn’t bat an eye at the 3 riders in a neighbor’s ring that is on the road, he did opt to step behind Harry when we saw the white ducks and goats. I think it was the ducks he was concerned about, I don’t think he’s seen those. He was fine with the tractor mowing a paddock, and deer didn’t phase him. Exactly like he’s been every other time he’s gone out. He also let me open the gate, and close it when we returned. Closing it was harder because he wanted to scratch his face and lovey bridle on the fence post and I wouldn’t let him…so it took us a minute and a few false approaches so I could reach down to lift it onto it’s resting post and latch it.

Then, Bali and I went for a nice hack. It was a pure road ride, but traffic was light, so it was still relaxing. Ten is an excellent age for a horse. Excellent. I should have had sunscreen on my shoulders. I got a little bit of sunburn.

After all that, we headed into town to Southern States and loaded up on flowers to plant. Chris met us in town so we went to a new hamburger joint in Leesburg, called Melt. It was a delicious burger. Then a stop at Home Depot to find new pots for outside the barn entrance. The old half barrels are disintegrating.


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