CSI Farm Edition: Part 1-Escape

Late yesterday afternoon, while out shopping, I got one of the most dreaded phone calls a barn owner receives.

Robyn: “There are horses out, do you have a bay horse in a purple blanket?”

Me: “yes, Harry is wearing a purple Rambo.”

Robyn: “He was seen galloping down Dorothy’s driveway.  Martha caught a horse and walked it to your farm and put it in your field”

Robyn was near, so she turned around and drove back to my farm, and did a head count.  Four.  Shit, I have five.  After discussing that yes, there was a horse in the barn, 2 wearing blue Rambo medium weights, and Neuf, wearing his two tone blue Pessoa, that left that purple Rambo missing.

Oh, and as for the “How did they get out?”…There are TWO gates off their hinges?!?!?  WTF?  TWO?  How does this happen?

Shitshitshitshit, Harry is missing!  We are a good 40 minutes away in Sterling.

More phone calls, Harry was seen at Kathy’s, turns out there was a birthday party and 10 little girls were out trying to help catch him <guffaw>, no wonder he went so far! Adrienne said Lara had caught a bay horse, with purple blanket and a sleazy wearing bell boots and it was in her barn, upset, but she had to leave, she was on a tight timeline to get to DC for something.

Lara is over a mile away!  It was almost dark, so this meant getting home and hooking up the horse trailer to drive over.

Robyn met me there, I had only been down Lara’s driveway once, and that was earlier yesterday, we hacked around her loop, as Lara had said it was ok to do so a couple of weeks ago, and so at least I knew where to turn, but I’d never been to the barn.  Robyn had been there many times and knew where things like light switches were.  Harry got 2cc of ace, just because, he could have probably used it i.v., but I gave it i.m., he was so happy to see someone he knew!  He practically ran onto the trailer.

I got him home, took off his soaked-with-sweat blanket, hosed his legs, a few minor scrapes, looks like he might have fallen at some point, got a cooler on him and set up a hot mash for everyone, bute for Harry & Neuf.

Next up…The investigation.


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