2013 Ride Statistics

Happy 2014!  The annual summary for riding at TerraOasis farm.

I rode less this year, and gave up tracking days off. I just did not keep up with that extra tally, and since Suzy did the tallying in the truck while we were driving to Southern Pines, NC, I said to forget it.

After 8 years of tracking rides, I’m up to 3819 rides. Yikes, 8 years? OK, I definitely created a habit back in 2006 when I took that gift calendar from a neighborhood gift exchange and put it to use in the barn to track my goal of riding an average of once a day in 2006 (365 rides a year).

The Riders at TerraOasis

Rider Total Rides Average Rides per Week
Mel 493 9.48
Suzy 96 1.85
Marit* 15 1.50
Susan* 19 1.58
Lauren* 141 3.92
Patrick 5 N/A

*Weekly averages are using the number of weeks riding in the barn.

There were a handful of guests and helpers who rode as well, but I only tallied them into the horse counts.

For 2013 on the horses, we had a lot of turnover, and not all happy.  Romeo died in March, I still get teary when I think of him.  GQ also died in March, then Tanqueray sold (yay!) to a lovely foxhunting home up in Maryland.  He found the best home ever!  Then Suzy got Harry in April, he is an OTTB from Charles Town, WV.

Horse Total Rides Average Rides per Week
Romeo (RIP) 13 1.30
Bali 202 3.88
Sparkle 106 2.04
Neuf 147 2.83
Harry 80 2.22
Eros 129 3.58
Tanqueray (sold) 105 2.50
GQ (RIP) 10 1.00

To compare to 2012 you can go to 2012 Statistics

Last year, I power washed the barn. This year, Suzy (with Harry) and I (with Neuf) went to Southern Pines, NC for some jumping lessons. A great start to the new year!


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3 Responses to 2013 Ride Statistics

  1. That is incredibly impressive that you’ve kept track over the years!

    • Mel says:

      It is funny how habits work. It was only hard the first couple of months, now I can not imagine forgetting to log which horse I ride each day. I have become very fussy about the style of paper calendar, I need just the right amount of space, per day and want a cardboard stock paper, to withstand grain spills.

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