The Neck Strap

It helped!

Allie loaned me a neck strap to try out in our lesson today. It was really helpful. I was able to pull to my hearts content on the neck strap and not Neuf’s mouth.

We jumped HUGE fences!


That one, we had never jumped and we cantered over it the very first time!

We jumped three jumps in a row, a mini course! Finishing with an oxer!


My goal during this ride was to keep Neuf’s poll up, kick forward, don’t pull on reins though.

Here are two of our jumps.

Neuf was really good today. There was a lot less porpoising while cantering and after fences. He jumped really well.

Harry was super as well. He jumped well and then later this afternoon, we took a trail ride around the Moss Foundation and so both boys are a bit tuckered out.

One more lesson tomorrow morning and then we head home, hopefully the roads will be cleared by the time we get back!


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