The Third Dimension – Part 2

Now that I had this little epiphany that I had been neglecting to notice where the roll was, I have tons more things to notice.

Hopefully I’m increasing my perception of what is happening, and in turn, I hope I have the propioception, body awareness, to make the corrections when needed.

On Bali, I had my shoulder-fore on a circle, shoulder-in on a circle, straight on a circle.

Once I was clued into this shoulder roll dealio, now I had to ride out of a corner, across the diagonal, keeping things all level while changing bend, maintaining the rhythm, and pace.

We also worked on the halt to walk transitions, walk to trot were ok, and walk to canter needed some polishing. That first step into canter was a bit flat and more of a longer step, we want that first step to be more engagement of the hind legs and sitting into an uphill step. I think I was blocking a tiny bit with my inside seatbone, because when I focused on outside leg back AND lifting the inside seatbone, it was a nicer transition into canter.

After all this on Bali, I hopped off her, tacked up Neuf and got on him. The cool thing about getting on him right after getting off Bali is that I can more easily maintain where I’m supposed to be. It is less tempting to throw it all away “because he is a baby horse”.

To sum up Neuf. Shorter reins, more contact to give him WHERE he is supposed to go with the energy we are creating. When we canter, hold through the fussiness, leg him forward, do NOT give up the reins and throw away the contact. And…he is fine with this. After a few attempts to fling his head all over, he just submits and is all “oh, I can do this, not a problem”.

When we got to the stretchy circle on Neuf, Inga had me feeding out the outside rein earlier than I have been doing. He did a nice job.


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