Slow your tempo? On Bali?!?

Bali, the lazy, “Needs Ambition” test comments Bali, Inga said “slow her tempo a little, I can’t believe I am saying this”, Bali!

It is starting to feel easier, Bali seems more comfortable in her work, I’m getting more coordinated in not blocking with my outside leg and not throwing away outside contact, all the stuff I’ve been working on in earlier lessons. Also, there has been no more tolerance for kicking out at the whip when I want forward. I’ve been more deliberate in how I use it, a slower tap, some on the shoulder. I’ve also been doing a bunch of the exercises on Richard William’s website, a variety of 10m circle, lateral movement, straighten, lengthen, change direction, repeat. And I’ve been diligent about asking for the variation frequently.

Richard Williams website

Neuf was a good boy in his lesson, and he is going to his first horse show as my horse on Saturday. He did go to Devon as a weanling, but that wasn’t me. I’ll be riding Training 1 and 2. I should tidy up his mane.


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