Neuf goes to a new ring!

Today, I was feeling somewhat uninspired in the ring at home, so Suzy and I headed out for a loop.  We went down the driveway and the road a bit and started through the equestrian neighborhood across the road.

As we were walking along, I saw one lady’s house and said “Oh, I should have called to see if I could take Neuf in her ring!”, then Suzy says, “Doesn’t she have a pinto and an black horse?”, and I turn around to see her coming along, finishing their ride!  So, we walked back down that way and she invited us in, to use her lovely 20mx60m dressage ring.  Neuf had not been ridden in a proper, with the tiny, white fence, dressage ring.  I’d hand walked him around the outdoor one at JJ’s, but we did not ride out there.

A quick walk around, and we went into the ring and started to walk a few circles, trotted, and cantered.  Neuf was fabulous!  No spooking at all, steering was overall pretty good, he was forward, we did 20m circles, and then after about 15 minutes, we thanked her and finished up our loop!

Next up was Bali.  We rode for about 30 minutes in the ring, it felt easier to get the right bend today, we did some good work, then Pat came out on Sparkle and we did a loop.  Bali did a couple of HUGE bucks on the trail, not sure what got into her, but she was in high spirits.  Possibly the wind.  Possibly showing off what she can do when she gets her hind legs really underneath her.

I was glad it was feeling easier.  And I am pleased as punch with how Neuf was in the proper dressage ring.  I need to make sure I go practice in there, the diagonals ride very different in the 60m vs the 40m.


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