Finding the round Bali, wherein I learn to walk from the halt

This morning, I had two lessons with Inga before work.  I had to dash off to work as soon as I was done, so I didn’t get to write my notes early.

I am still working to use only lower leg for more forward.  Years and years of using my whole leg is hard to reverse.  Plus, Bali was feeling very behind my leg, particularly once she is truly round.  She doesn’t see why should should have to move forward when round.  So, after some walking, trotting, and cantering, she was still behind the leg, so we tried a few walk halt transitions.  Ha!  She laughs at my puny, Girl Scout spurs(as Inga calls the super round, short spurs), and taps with the whip, she will invert and move, or not move.

I was really working on not throwing away the consistency and not letting her jut her jaw and bulge her lower neck, she was really saying she’d rather just stand in that case.  So, Inga took my whip, and added some taps from the ground.  Oh my, that was not acceptable to the princess, and she kicked out.  I waited it out, and wait, maybe she can walk forward, on the bit, halt, walk, halt walk, yes, indeed, she can do it!  So, once we got past that obstacle, where she did some nice walk pirouettes to turn around, we went back to trotting and cantering.

One thing that I’m still working on is too much hand movement when I ask for things, so the new thought was to think of the half halt as just bringing her back to me, no side to side, just closing the ring finger.  Holding that and again, not losing that when we did transitions.  No doubt I was over-doing the shoulder movement from an earlier lesson this summer, because that is what happens, I go for a lesson, do something that works, then without constant feedback, do too much, and then I correct that, and end up over correcting over time.  After a considerable amount of time learning to walk my horse forward, we had some good trot and canter, added in a few lengthenings and coming back, and finished up.  It might be time to get her another round of Adequan, see if some of her stickiness goes away with that.

Next up, it was onto Neuf.  He was also a bit lazy (it was warm this morning) but we really worked on getting him forward.  At the canter, for a few rides, I’m to really send him forward and not worry about his head or neck.  Really feel like he is pulling me forward at the walk and trot.  Get him forward now, early.  Not when he’s 9.   For the moment, forward is what we need to establish.  As usual, there are consistencies in the inconsistencies in my horses…which means, as usual, it is the common cause.  The rider.

Neuf is a nice boy, coming along very nicely for 3.

A link to one of his pictures from a couple of weeks ago!

He looks so grown up!


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