Lessons at Home with Inga

Neuf – I really need to get more than one lesson every other month on him! But, I think we have made improvement. Bullet points, since I’m 36 hours out…and need to get this finished!

Warm up on contact, time to increase expectations, just straight is not enough.

Hold much longer half halts.

Leg instead of hand.

Lower neck throughout.  In walk, ask for the consistent outside contact.  Don’t allow the hand wag, leg instead, holding elbow on hip seems to help.

Leg or spur, not whip for now to get him forward, don’t accept gait change, need to keep developing push.

trot – at beginning, might feel over-pace, too fast, but as he starts to use himself, it might go to the feeling too slow, also, for now, just work on getting better inside leg to outside rein connection and getting him bent around the leg. Don’t worry about leg yield yet.

Bali –

We continued to work on the same theme from last month, getting her more through, Inga made me let go of my strap, I may have whined, but she said I don’t need it. I might have let it become a security blanket and I do need to see if I can develop my own strength to stay stabile in my hands, keep them independent of my body.

Bali tossed in a couple of flying changes when she was supposed to be counter bending in counter canter. They were apparently good, clean changes, and this pleases me. Hopefully I can improve my timing and aids and that will be better for them when I ask for one!

We rode a square in canter, riding each corner like a quarter pirouette. Then, rode it in trot, doing shoulder in on one side, haunches in the next, shoulder in, haunches in, etc. It really did get her nice and supple.

Then we did a few half passes, for the photo op! There is at least one good one. I’ll share it when it is done.

It was super fun to have Inga teaching here and have the other riders come over.

I am looking forward to the next set of lessons.


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