Moonlight, carrots and ponies

Tonight, we got home a bit late, and I had no plans on riding, but wanted to go out to see the boys.

Neuf had really wanted a ride this morning, but he is only 3 and three year olds only get to go out three times a week. It has been nice, so the horses can stay out all day and all night. I figured I would walk out and check water and make sure the leg and head count matched.

I stuffed a bunch of carrots in my sweatshirt pocket. The crickets are chirping, it is the perfect temperature out, and it is a full moon. Neuf and Eros are closest to the fence, and Neuf marches up to me and says hello, and sniffs for the carrots. I make him stretch left for the first one. Then Eros wants in on the action. I make him stretch too, and he doesn’t think that should be required, but he really wants a carrot, so he decides he can do it.

I look over, and there is Harry, hovering just out of teeth range, so I go over and give him a pet, and let him have a carrot without stretching, but then the warmbloods are back in my space. A couple more, and then I go over to give Tanq one too.

I climb the fences to go find the girls, they are both curled up sleeping in the deep grass. I walk over and give Bali a pet and she hops up, and gets her carrot, she has to stretch, but the girls have on grazing muzzles, so I have to feed the carrots into the tiny hole. After a few pets I go over to Sparkle, who is still lying down, I give her a few pets and she decides to get up as well, but is happy for her carrot.

One last carrot for Bali and over to check on the water. Bali follows me, so she gets another few pets. I go, climb the fence and there are the boys.

Neuf is right next to the fence, so I climb the fence and onto him. He likes this. Eros wants to groom me and keeps nuzzling my leg, instead, he grooms Neuf and Neuf grooms him, then Tanq wants more attention, he keeps creeping closer. Neuf and Eros take turns trying to chew on my Sperry, the right one. Neuf unties it, and keeps pulling on the laces. I decide to have Neuf walk a bit, so he does, but not far, just over to Tanq, and then turns to chew on my shoes again.

Neuf finally walks over to the gate, but I tell him I can’t open it up, he is naked, he needs a saddle bridle to go for a ride, so I slide down. More hugs and pets, and then Tanq comes over and grabs the hoodie string.

Tug of war! He pulls, I get it back, then pull it back so there are two ends again, Neuf grabs one, the Tanq the other, this might be a bad idea. I make the boys give up my hoodie string, Tanq tries to grab a bit of sweatshirt instead, but that is not done either.

It was time to come in for bed.


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