Neuf canters on twilight trailride

Team Bad Decision rides and survives again. Lauren and I took the 3 (Neuf) and 4 year old (Eros) out. Eros is always good and a great leader, even at 4. Neuf was fantastic. 5 mile trail ride, it was dusk when we crossed the stream, his second time ever, we trotted and cantered a fair stretch of farm road, that he’d never been on, it was dark when we had to find our way down through the woods to the gravel road, even darker finding the last couple of turns.

Would he have been looking at things if it were daylight?

He was not happy when I jumped off him after I dropped my whip and had to feel around in the dark for it. But, I got on at the next climbing spot (a fence) and he was ok.

Where is the moon?


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