Getting easier

I had a lesson today with Inga.  I really need to get in more than one lesson a month until I really get the feel of the shoulders lifting and more power behind.

It was good.  More of the stellung (that poll flexion, left and right that I didn’t know the German word!), me working on keeping my connection in the walk and through the transitions.  I still want to let it go.  I’m getting closer and letting less go, but I have spent decades letting go, afraid of pulling on the mouth, afraid of contact for fear it would become the dreaded hand riding.  I am finally feeling that I am able to grasp the feel of connection and the beginnings of collection and not feel like I’m pulling.

Bali is feeling more comfortable in the round position, I worked on it a fair amount in every ridde, but likely not as good as in a lesson, but itt felt a bit easier.

There were a lot of direction changes, but not through a circle, but turn right at B, left at E (or vice versa) and really focusing on getting the new bend and not throwing away the new outside rein.

Shoulder in, walking at first, get that stellung and bend, feeling the connection in the outside rein, keeping the contact on the inside, not letting it disappear.  Then trotting, a couple of half passes.  There were some 10m circles and going right, I was to keep a tiny bit of counter flexion, keeping her even in the reins, left, focusing on the true bend.

Then in our canter work, we did canter leg yield from the rail to centerline, then a walk transition, steep leg yield to the quarterline, or there abouts, and then canter on the same lead, leg  yielding, and then from the counter canter, a forward trot circle.

Neuf had to photo bomb Bali’s lesson report because he hasn’t had a lesson and needs attention!

Bali felt very good and was happy in her work.  I am going to look for a different curb bit for her.  The one I have has longer shanks than we need, she doesn’t need any leverage, and so I’m going to find one that is shorter both above and below the mouthpiece.  The shape is fine and she accepts it happily, but I will be shopping eBay or something.  I think I have the only $40 curb, and it has long shanks.  The rest are all sadly much more expensive new.


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