What was I thinking?

I needed to get a ride in on Bali tonight, I ended up having dinner and a glass of wine while visiting with my husband first.  I finally roll out there, it is just after 8pm.  I go get Bali, groom her, opt for the snaffle bridle (easier cleaning and I’m tired), and then some demon possessed me and I took the stirrups off my saddle.

Do I just have a short little walk trot like a sensible person might do?  No.  Full ride, posting trot until warmed up, the works.  I might pay for this tomorrow.  My hamstrings are already tight.

Then, while walking out around a pasture to cool out, because yes, this ride required a cool out, and Bali decides to spook.  I should probably ice my lower back.  No, I didn’t fall off, but that spook was a bit of a yank.


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