Moonlight ride…on Neuf!

So Neuf is working on becoming a keeper.  Even though I suck at selling horses, I keep telling him that he is too big to be bad, and if he is bad, I’ll have to sell him on to a bigger person.

Tonight he stepped up to raise the bar for future baby horses.  It was getting close to dusk and Pat and I decided to go ride, it wasn’t quite dark, and so we opted for a short loop, with minimal dirt road, not heavily populated and a dead end at that.  I also wanted to ride around my neighbor’s riding arena (she had given her ok a short while ago).  Baby horse needs all the exposure he can get!

He marched out the back gate, letting me unlatch, and pull it open.  He’s got the backing up from the gate down!  We left it open as we were coming back through the same gate.  Then he led the way down until we turned left….where he always has turned right!  Oh NO!  He had to pause and then walked on, but when we came to an open gate, across the driveway, he paused long enough for Tanq to take the lead.  He was happy to go along and only marginally looky.  He does not give that about to explode feeling that some horses give, he stays pretty chill.

We went along the dirt road to the neighbor’s ring, went in there and he was worried about the jumps…not the ones set up, the ones lined up on the side of the ring.  We probably rode around her ring for 15 minutes or so, and Pat trotted and cantered Tanq, who was a good boy for Pat.  Neuf trotted and cantered, and gradually the circles got closer to those scary jumps.  At the end, he was able to go by about 2m away from the jumps, without too much bending away from the jumps, so we headed on…taking the bit of gravel road hoping we wouldn’t encounter a car.  Because it was starting to get quite dark.  At almost the very end, a car was coming, so we quickly got onto the grass edge and got out of the way, but it was the residents of the next to the last house and they were going slow…because deer are thick. Then we were off the dirt road and in a field. The moon is quite bright, and Neuf & Tanq both were not bothered by the deer or car, or the dark.

Neuf is an awfully good three year old!


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