Dog Days of Summer

The heat is oppressive this week!  I’ll be honest, it is a good week to go work in an air conditioned office building.  I have a mild summer cold I am fighting, which is making it hard to get up and on my first horse by 5:30am, hence my typing on my iPad an hour later, but I’m eating tons of vitamin C, despite it being of dubious value for fighting colds, and being lazy inside.
I am pondering giving the ponies a summer vacation, but will probably just make it light riding and walking loops.
I have a friend who rides with me, and on Friday she noticed that at the end of my ride on Bali, my hands were getting very unsteady, to the point of Bali objecting by opening her mouth, which she had not noticed in a long time.  I was using the snaffle that day.  Since I struggle with keeping my hands quiet, partly due to my size and my horse’s size and movement, my frustration with myself made me want to just cry…but since Suzy knows my struggles and is not only a good eye, but an even better friend who understands my tendency to be exceedingly hard on myself,, she helped me realize that my core was tired and I was locking my elbows.  It was late in the day, I’d had 8 lessons in one week, had been doing a pretty intensive work out on Bali and my hands were quiet early in the ride, and she could see the amount of movement in the trot that I needed to absorb in my core, so she was trying to make me feel better.  As soon as she said something I focused on the elbows and soft feel in my fingers and we ended without Bali feeling frustrated with me…I was still frustrated with me though.
I took the next day off from Bali, then went back to work on Sunday, and went ahead and used the double, and all was better.  So, rather than be despondent over my seeming lack of improvement over the past several years, I am just using this as a reminder that when I am tired, old habits creep back into my riding
Off to do the barn before work.

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