It might be sticking!

What I’m learning that is! Bali is 9, I’ve had her since she was a yearling, and she got me my USDF Bronze last year. I am working on learning the skills and feel necessary to get my USDF Silver medal next.

Both JJ & Ashley felt I’ve made progress with Bali since last year when I was there, and today, I went out and rode Bali and that ride on Chip really helped with the feel! That powerful trot feeling I got from him? I played with it on Bali.

Oh, one thing I forgot to add to my lesson report, attitude! Try asking for more forward or work with a cheerleader attitude, a “You can do it!”. I like this, it works for me, I’m somewhat positive by nature, so that suggestion is awesome!

So, with this mental “you can do it” and that memory of how that powerful trot felt in passage, I was starting to get some of those powerful feeling steps! I rode in the snaffle bridle today, and while I think it took a bit longer to get warmed up, which could have been a bit of leftover tightness from her long weekend, she felt fantastic and did super work.

Neuf was also really good. I did a short lunge with him in side reins, as Ashley had recommended, then got on him. I think I need to find better side reins. I don’t think mine have enough give in that rubber donut. He felt super nice today.

Pretty cool!


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