Could it be? Passage?

Probably I’m just delusional, because I’ve only ridden passage once, on Chip, in a lesson with JJ Tate, and so I might not remember how that felt, but I think I may have gotten a glimmer of what could become passage during my ride on Bali today.

I worked on keeping her more uphill earlier in the warm up, tossed in some exercises from both JJ lessons and the Inga lesson, and then after a walk break, asked for some half steps/baby piaffe.  She was getting stuck in that, and there was some combination my aids that gave us a super-collected, bouncy trot.  It brought to mind my “he’s running away with you” moments of passage in that lesson with JJ,you can read about it here, so I slowed it down a bit more, and I think we got a few steps.

It was so cool, I did it again! Then, I played with some forward and back, and for the second time ever, I think we got a few steps of real, extended trot. It was mixed in with a lot of steps of not-so-good, too-fast, will-I-ever-figure-this-out trot, but it was pretty neat to feel the slow pace and bigger steps from behind.

Now if I could just reliably do that, without all that not-so-good stuff surrounding it!

I felt like her canter work was not as uphill as it has been, so rather than push it, I decided that the amazing trot work was excellent and I had her stretch out and walked out.


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