Neuf Spooks and Spins

Neuf  had his first ever big spook today.  We had gone out on the same loop we have been doing, but we did it the other direction.

The first half mile was a nice, forward walk, on the buckle, cars were yawn worthy, but when we turned right, and a couple of trucks went straight on the bumpy road, making lots of noise, that inspired a bit of heads-up-alert.  There might have been a couple of jog steps, but then he realized that it wasn’t scary, but was still worried about things in the trees lining the side of the road.  Neuf was intrigued by a mailbox that was partly open, he is nosy and went up to touch it…and it MOVED, this necessitated a small jump, then he had to touch it again, and the newspaper box  next to it, and he would have liked to have played with it, but we moved along.

Then we passed the straw bales that are possessed with Romeo’s spirit…or at least that is what we say, since he spooked at those straw bales every year.  The boys got brave enough to touch the straw bales, then walked along.  As we crest a hill, a deer bounded near us, Eros spooked, Neuf jumped, his feet slid on the gravel, he did a quarter spin, but then was facing the brush on the side of the road, he did another quarter spin and cantered.  It took two strides to gather my reins up, I’d been on the buckle.  He realized the world was not ending.

The rest of the ride they were both a little  bit on their toes, but not bad.

Then Bali, had to try to out-spook Neuf, because she has to be better, and while I was taking fly predators around to the neighbors ( so carrying a plastic bag that was filled with more plastic bags full of stinky fly predator eggs) and a deer jumped up, she spun and bolted.  My first order of business was to get back into the middle of the saddle.  Next was to start reeling in my reins, while not dropping the predators, or my whip.  Then we finally got to slow down.

Admittedly we only went 150′ or so, and it was a couple of seconds, but yeesh, twice in one day?  Makes my ride on Tanq quite boring.  He didn’t spook or jump or spin.


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