Good Brain in Horse?, check

I am going to get a lot of mileage out of the GBH as an acronym. Giant Baby Horse, Good Baby Horse, Great Baby Horse, Goofy…

Today, we add Good Brain in horse!

Neuf is so nice and solid, it is easy to see why people think he is 4 or 5. It isn’t just his size, but he has a great brain, and he is a kind horse.

Today, I was tacking up to ride when a semi-sized tire/wrecker truck pulled in to replace a rear tire on my tractor. The tractor was near the arena, so that is where they went to work on removing the old tire and installing the new one. I went ahead and got on Neuf, since there is no time like the present to learn to ignore even more stuff, and let me tell you, tractor tire replacement is loud. A HUGE air compressor was running the entire time, a lot of metallic banging to get lugs off, for possibly the first time ever (the tractor is around 25 yrs old) and the the final weird noise, was some loud, grinding of metal.

You know what Neuf did? He glanced over there two or three times, he worked on bending left, he walked, trotted and cantered, with the added aggravation of green head flies biting him.

I did mentally remind myself to also ignore the noise, but this bodes well for the future.


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