Horses ‘talk’, you just have to listen

I ride Bali the most of all my horses, she is the favorite, but she is also the one I take to shows, so she needs to be fit.

Bali likes to be ridden, always helps put her bridle on, both double or snaffle, so yesterday, it was highly unusual behavior when she put her head WAY up and refused to put on her bridle.

I tried grabbing her nose and pulling her down, but she would turn away again, and lift it high. Now, I will admit, I was starting to get annoyed, then, after the third refusal, I looked over and realized I had not put her “ears” as I call her fly bonnet on.

I paused, asked her if she was trying to tell me she needed her fly bonnet, grabbed that and put it on, and voila, Bali was her usual compliant self, opened up her mouth for the bits, and kept her head down where I can reach her ears to finish the bridling.

She was communicating quite well, I just had to listen.


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One Response to Horses ‘talk’, you just have to listen

  1. Net says:

    I love it! I just bought my horse a new bit, thinner than the KK I had been borrowing which I felt was too thick for his small mouth. I wasn’t sure how it worked – didn’t feel any difference attributable to the bit while riding. However, when ride three preparation involved me fending him off so I could get leather straps out of the way before letting him take the bit, I feel he pretty clearly told me he prefers this bit to the one we had been using!
    Simiarly, I have been transitioning him to barefoot, and we have had a lot of time spent in boots because he wasn’t ready to be ridden totally bare yet. On days I forgot he would hold up front hooves as I walked near them to indicate I was forgetting something, and refuse to leave the cross ties until I put them on. In the last week he hasn’t needed them, and has been reluctant to even lift his hooves off the ground for me, like “no, I don’t need those things on my hooves!” The weight of even the best boots is a little clumsy compared to barefoot as he goes all summer, so it was nice having him tell me that his hooves felt great, too! Just in time for rainy season to affect his hooves again.

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