Naughty Neuf Nips

Neuf got yesterday off, but today, it was back to riding.

Yesterday, he made a grave, baby horse mistake and in his mouthiness, got a pinch of skin, so he was pretty convinced that I was going to kill him, with the fly mask in my hand, he almost decided to leap his dutch door to the outside, but he decided that perhaps he should use his tiny brain after all. The time has come to nip the nipping in the bud. So, while he wants to be very affectionate, he needs to keep his mouth off me. I have been letting him slide, but enough is enough.

To make up for it, he was quite good today. He is finding it easier to bend to the left, and I’m sure that his chiro adjustments have made that easier. I’m trying to get him into a 3 day a week routine.

Next, I rode Bali, who spooked! I almost fell off! It was two deer, jumping out, as we were trotting up a driveway past a tree stump, with a kid mowing on a zero turn quite nearby, but she hasn’t spooked like that in ages. Then, as we are trotting along down the road, near some woods, a 6′ long branch falls out of a tree, right as we are passing it, about 20′ away. That gave me spook number two, but at least that one gave me warning, since the tree branch came with a significant amount of crashing noises.

I should probably ice my back, it was a fair pair of spins.


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