Riding the square

Somewhere I have the book 101 Dressage Exercises by Jec Ballou. My friend Suzy has been going through it for ideas and mentioned “the square”. Now, since I haven’t actually looked at the book recently, I’m not sure that my exercise I decided to start riding is exactly what is in the book, but I have worked on variations of the square with a few instructors, such as Sherry Ackerman (Jec Ballou’s mother) and Richard Williams.

Here is what I’ve been playing with at some point during a few rides on Bali, on a 10-12 meter square, at the walk

  • shoulder-in for all four sides, taking care to control the haunches in the corners to stay in shoulder in
  • haunches-in for all four sides, this one, keeping the shoulders in the corners
  • renvers, keeping the bend and haunches.

Ride both directions, then I go onto something else, like some half pass, or straight lines, and enjoy the results.

Tonight, I decided to give it a try at the trot, and it was fun.  Bali likes these sort of exercises.  It was getting dark by the time I rode Bali, but I like the dark.  It is peaceful to ride in the dark.


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